Making acupuncture accessible means making it affordable.

Our Community Clinic offers a sliding scale payment system. At our clinic, your first session will be $95, which includes an extended 90-minute session with a full evaluation and the creation of your individualized treatment plan. Each session after is just $35-$45 on a sliding scale.

Sessions generally last for 30 minutes and are administered in a room with other patients. Basic needs or pain-specific treatments work best with these sessions. Regular visits prove to have better results and lasting impact.

We also offer herbal support for various ailments. As a general rule, these vary in price from $9 – $25, usually lasting 2 – 4 weeks.

Why A Sliding Scale?

The purpose of the sliding scale is to separate the issues of money and treatment. Because…

  • Acupuncture works best with frequency and regularity.
  • A sliding scale makes it possible for you to receive treatments on a regular basis.
  • We are committed to making acupuncture a viable preventative health service to individuals and communities.
  • It’s affordable! We practice in a group setting and it keeps costs down.
  • It works! Community acupuncture is highly effective because patients can come often enough for effective outcomes.

What kind of commitment is required? 

By offering rates that are affordable, we encourage people to make a commitment to building a strong foundation of health over a period of time. This is a preventive medicine, helping people overcome pain, addictions, digestive symptoms, and many other conditions interfering with quality of life. Regular treatments help relieve symptoms and maintain your clinical results over time.